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Read: Secrets of a Player Development Executive

“Listening to your players and giving them a sense of ownership by providing them a casino host as a sound board for their wants and needs, starts the process of relationship building, trust and loyalty. Players want to play a role in how the casino operates, they want their investments to be acknowledged.

A casino host can make a guest feel important and valued as a player and a person. That’s really all a guest is looking for. They want to know that their money is being invested in an entertainment establishment that is going to give back to them by recieving complimentary awards. A casino host makes that feeling more real, someone they can share the experience with and reminisce about it for years to come.” – Jatonia Ziegler.

In an article in Gaming & Leisure Magazine entitled Secrets of a Player Development Executive, Jatonia Ziegler shares her experience to explain the importance of player development and the necessary strategies for a successful player development program.