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Read: Secrets of a Player Development Executive

“Listening to your players and giving them a sense of ownership by providing them a casino host as a sound board for their wants and needs, starts the process of relationship building, trust and loyalty. Players want to play a role in how the casino operates, they want their investments to be acknowledged.

A casino host can make a guest feel important and valued as a player and a person. That’s really all a guest is looking for. They want to know that their money is being invested in an entertainment establishment that is going to give back to them by recieving complimentary awards. A casino host makes that feeling more real, someone they can share the experience with and reminisce about it for years to come.” – Jatonia Ziegler.

In an article in Gaming & Leisure Magazine entitled Secrets of a Player Development Executive, Jatonia Ziegler shares her experience to explain the importance of player development and the necessary strategies for a successful player development program.

Active, Inactive, New

HostMAPP enables Player Development Executives to Measure the Activity, Profitability and Potential of casino hosts. A key component of HostMAPP is to show each Casino Host where they stand against their casino host goals.

The Director of Player Development sets many goals for their casino hosts, but three important areas of consideration are revenue growth from Active, Inactive, and New players.

At the start of the period, e.g. the start of a calendar quarter, each casino host is given a list of players who are considered “Active” (which means they have played recently) and a list of players who are considered “Inactive” (which means they have not played for a while, typically six months). The casino host is expected to create a list of “New” players during the period.

At the end of the period, the casino host receives a bonus based on the results for the Active, Inactive, and New players. The process of measuring this program is complicated when using the Player Tracking System and MS Excel spreadsheets. HostMAPP from Harvest Trends can automate the entire process.

With HostMAPP, each casino host receives a Daily Action Plan each and every day. The Daily Action Plan shows the host where they stand against each goal, and provides details about each category of player: Active, Inactive and New.

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