There are key dates on the calendar that impact the customer wallet, customer availability or both. Do you factor these annual Life Events into your Casino Marketing Strategy?

In the gaming industry, we typically compare each month’s results to both the previous month and to the same month last year. And I bet that when you compared your February to January revenue you experienced a slight increase. And when comparing March with February, the majority of you will experience a more significant increase. How can I place this bet with confidence? Because the data shows ups and downs in revenue in the same periods year after year.

This short article looks at the gaming revenues reported to State agencies and shows a predictable biorhythm in when people gamble, and then reflect on how we might adjust our marketing strategy to influence behavior and buck the trend.

This article is published in the Spring 2012 edition of Gaming & Leisure Magazine.

Susan Kesel has spent the past 20 years in the gaming industry working across mainstream and tribal gaming. An Alumnus of the Board of Advisors for TribalNet and for Gaming & Leisure Magazine, Susan is an innovative and open-minded business technologist. Susan was instrumental in the development and implementation of Turning Stone Resort and Casino’s patented Account Based Wagering System.

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