How do I set up and track Casino Host Goals? (part 4 of 5)

NOW, it’s time to measure the team’s progress.  You went to all the trouble to set the goals, and now in order to coach the team to achieve them, you must track and keep the team aware of their pace.  Each week, when you have your team meeting or one-on-one chats with the hosts, ask each one for their own view.  Discuss metrics that are behind pace and whether or not the theoretical goal is trending well.  Suggest keeping a maintaining eye on the goals that are trending ahead of pace.  Talk about some strategies she can use to get caught up, and how she can keep building momentum to surpass her goals and make super bonus.  Ask about problems or concerns, and repeat.

As you work your way through the quarter, take some time to look at the structure of your program and decide if you want to make changes later in the year.  Some examples of things to consider: individualized metrics for each host, custom built to play to their strengths; establish two sets of goals, one each for reactivation and acquisition; adjustments to the bonus payout qualifications; or even including club reps or slot attendants in the sign-up effort and paying them small bonuses at certain levels of achievement.

Patterns are likely to emerge from your results each week.  Dig in to determine whether particular zip codes hold higher percentages of your better players and mine there for players who have more potential than you thought.  Look more closely at what kinds of personalized host offers or events drive the most revenue for the least reinvestment.  Have the hosts close the feedback loop by bringing guest concerns or suggestions to you.  Then work with hospitality operations to change food at VIP events, offer smoother hotel check-in, and address other amenities and conveniences which can keep your best players coming back for more.  Track what you do and how well it works so you and your host team have an arsenal of the tried and true to deploy when numbers aren’t where you need them to be.


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