Daily Action Plan – An innovation for casino hosts!

The Daily Action Plan enables the casino host to focus on the right players, at the right time for the right reasons to meet their goals. Each day the host receives a “proactive” daily action plan delivered right to their e-mail at the start of their day. The hosts can quickly place relevant phone calls to congratulate the winners, commiserate with the losers, celebrate with the birthday players, and invite back the valuable players who have not been on property. This enables the hosts to  achieve more, with a laser like focus on their goals for new, inactive, active players, and expenses. This is completely different to the existing approach where a casino host receives a report at the end of the quarter, month, or week at best which gives a rear view into how they missed their goals.

In addition, the Player Development manager receives a daily summary of overall pace to goal by host and by host team which highlights areas of potential, concern and achievement. With this daily information, the manager can  quickly and easily identify coaching opportunities and proactively reach goals. Curtis Patnode, Player Development Manager at Clearwater Casino Resort said “This is a very exciting time for me, I enjoy going to work every day and looking at my daily action plan to see what is happening with my players and hosts.” Curtis has implemented a rolling 90 day acquisition program with great success. On a daily basis, the Player Development Manager allocates high potential guests to individual hosts. The host has 90 days to qualify the player. Because the manager is alerted to the status of a player who is not pacing sufficiently, they can coach the host, or reassign the player if needed to assure success in activating the player before they are lost.

Contact Amy at via email at ahudson@harvesttrends.com or at 304.218.1265 to learn more, or read her blog on setting casino host goals. In the month of December, you can have a free test drive to get a Head Start on 2014!

For the first time, casino hosts can have the infrastructure to actively manage their book of business and take proactive steps to meet and exceed their goals!

The Daily Action Plan is innovative in 3 important ways:

1) The innovation for the host is the “push” of relevant actionable information directly to the individual on a daily basis. Rather than wasting time  hunting and pecking through disparate computer programs to find the information they need, the host uses their daily action plan as a road map on which players to contact today.

2) The daily action plan defines “relevant and actionable” in the context of their specific host goals. A host doesn’t have to refer to a spreadsheet to see their goals and pace. Harvest Trends tells the host which coded players need to be contacted because they are ahead or behind their relevant goals in terms of play, trips and expenses. The host has a context for each call; because players are categorized by type based on the property’s objectives.

3) The innovation for a Player Development Manager is the daily opportunity to monitor and coach the host team to success based on individualized results before it is too late.

Contact Amy at via email at ahudson@harvesttrends.com or at 304.218.1265. In the month of December, you can have a free test drive to get a Head Start on 2014!


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