Do Rainy Days and Mondays Get YOU Down?

The prevalence of Monday-themed memes on social media would suggest that many people dread the arrival of another work week.  If you work in the world of casino gaming, your “Monday” may well fall on another day of the week, but the question remains: Do you, too, feel despondent over the prospect of returning to the weekly grind?

As a matter of fact, a quick Google search…well, a picture is worth a handful of words:


In a study published in the UK in 2011, Marmite(?!) found that Mondays are so depressing that many people won’t crack a smile before 11:00 am.  Nearly half of us are destined to be late for work on Monday mornings.  As Google autofill suggests, Mondays suck.

But that begs the question…Why?  The study’s authors opined that our collective slow start upon the return to work is a throwback to our tribal instincts.  We feel the need to re-connect with our co-workers after being apart from them over the weekend, and thus spend the morning hours in common areas of our workplaces commiserating over how much we dislike the return to work after the relative freedom of our two days off.

But, if you are a Casino Player Development professional, connecting with people is your stock – in – trade.  It’s what you do.  So you can’t let “Mondays suck” become a time suck at the beginning of your work week.  The impact this will have on your productivity is likely to depend on your specific shift(s) and days off, but it’s safe to assume that you can’t lose half your first shift every week to reconnect with the people you missed while you were away.  Or is it?

In fact, the study suggests that those who participate in the “tribal bonding” at the beginning of the week are better prepared for productivity, while those who start their Monday with gusto are more likely to burn out before the week is up.  Spend the time at the beginning of your first shift of the week connecting with people.  Have a plan.  Target a certain group of people each week and put your innate programming to work for you instead of pulling against it.  Don’t forget to include relationships other than those with guests, too.  Just the same way you would segment players, break down your working relationships and include a few of these in your weekly bonding time.  Whether you do it by department or some other way, make the effort to build and maintain relationships with people of at levels and responsibilities across your property.  Make 10 guest calls, then leave your desk and hit the floor.  Talk to guests and associates as you go, then go back to the office and crank out some more calls.  Now, you’re all better.  Right?

Alternatively, you can proactively get the Mondays out of your system.  The study has some ideas for a pick-me-up to banish your doldrums before you arrive at work.  They are:

  1. Watch TV
  2. Have sex
  3. Shop online
  4. Buy chocolate or makeup
  5. Plan a vacation

Make sure you don’t indulge in any of those activities at work, okay?



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