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Harvest Trends Press Release: New Product to Launch Soon

Harvest Trends to launch new contact management tool for Casino Hosts at Casino Marketing and Technology Conference in Las Vegas
Harvest Trends will launch a new customer relationship management solution for casino hosts, called PowerHost CRM, at the Casino Marketing & Technology Conference in Las Vegas, July 14-
16th at the RIO. Harvest Trends is expanding their existing suite of tools for Casino Marketing
and Player Development to enable casino hosts to capture tasks, notes and preferences, and
view their daily pace against goals.

“We pride ourselves on creating tools that make it easy for player development personnel to target the right patrons and drive additional revenue from those who offer the most opportunity for growth, retention and reactivation,” said Amy Hudson, VP of Sales at Harvest Trends. “PowerHost CRM will give casino hosts the appropriate customer data right at their fingertips, allowing them to work smarter and more efficiently.”

PowerHost CRM is easy to use and works on existing handheld devices and computers with no capital expense. Player development teams can immediately make a positive impact on the casino’s revenue by growing their ‘book of business’. Each day, casino hosts can see their daily pace against goals, yesterday’s results for their coded players, and receive recommendations on who to contact and why. Additionally, PowerHost CRM gives player development teams a place to store notes, tasks, preferences and more; set and track goals; and share tasks across hosts and Guest Services to ensure consistent customer service.
“For too long, vendors have dictated what technology ‘they’ believe the business needs,” said Colleen Cutler, a Harvest Trends board director with more than 30 years’ experience in gaming. “At Harvest Trends, we listen and we create solutions driven by business requirements that solve every day business problems. Our goal is to continue to deliver tools that industry veterans have requested from us, and PowerHost CRM is designed to meet the specific needs of casino hosts.”

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