Harvest Trends lets you “harvest the trends” in your data.

HostMAPP is for Player Development: Daily Action Plan is sent to each casino host, every day, with their results against their casino host goals. With the Daily Action Plan, your casino hosts and Player Development executives are quickly  out of the office and onto the floor.

Patron Trends is for improving the profitability of your Casino Loyalty Club. You can analyze your reinvestment in the Players Club and react to the  trends in the recency, frequency and value of  your players.

Do you have multiple casinos? Harvest  Trends can display the data from your different casino properties and provide a roll-up of all locations.

Do you need a consistent view of  revenues from the gaming floor and all the lines of business in your resort casino? Harvest Trends can report  across your systems for gaming, hotel, F&B,  retail and more, regardless of what platform/systems you are using.

Do you run your business on spreadsheets?
Spreadsheets are quick and inexpensive  but it is difficult to consolidate multiple  spreadsheets and fully grasp the trends of  your business. Harvest Trends offers a unique solution. Simply upload your spreadsheets  and immediately view graphical trends, spot discrepancies, and drill down  into the details.

This is a no risk approach. There is no capital  outlay for hardware or software and you only pay a monthly subscription fee that includes upgrades, training and support. You don’t make a long term commitment.

Contact Amy Hudson at 304.218.1265 or ahudson@harvesttrends.com for a 30 minute demo

You can be  up and running within weeks.

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