Daily Action Plan – Every Casino Host Needs One!

Each casino host will receive a customized Daily Action Plan each and every day:


Daily results against goals

  • Customized to your bonus program and your market
  • Their coded players who visited yesterday
  • Comp exceptions
  • Upcoming birthdays
  • Their valuable players who are due back
  • Incliners and decliners

The hosts can quickly place relevant phone calls to congratulate the winners, commiserate with the losers, celebrate with the birthday players, and invite back the valuable players who have not been on property.status of new

Rather than wasting time, hunting and pecking through disparate computer programs to find the information they need, the host uses their daily action plan as a roadmap on which players to contact today.  Harvest Trends tells the host which coded players need to be contacted because they are ahead or behind their relevant goals in terms of play, trips and expenses. The host has a context for each call!

Qualified Actives

The Daily Action Plan identifies the players that can help each Host to achieve their goals! For example, the coded players who did not play in the previous period, so their play will be particularly useful in meeting a goal for increasing Theo over a previous period:

no play

The Daily Action Plan can summarize the impact of expenses for comps, direct mail and points redeemed, in whatever way is most relevant to your Property and your host goals. For example, the host can see which players are pacing high for Theo (incliners) but also have expenses that are pacing high. These are good players to get back on property but without a generous offer of more comp’s expenses:Incliner High Expense

Each day the host receives a “proactive” daily action plan delivered right to their e-mail at the start of their day. It enables the host to focus on the right players, at the right time for the right reasons to meet their goals!

Benefits to Management

Do you manage Player Development? With HostMAPP, you can Measure the Activity, Profitablity and Potential of both the Casino Hosts and the player.

  • Balance the coding of guests to Casino Hosts
  • Find high potential players who should be coded
  • Be alerted to comp exceptions.
  • Track team progress against goals, every day

In addition, the Player Development manager receives a daily summary of overall pace to goal by host and by host team which highlights areas of potential, concern and achievement. With this daily information, the manager can  quickly and easily identify coaching opportunities and proactively reach goals. Curtis Patnode, Player Development Manager at Clearwater Casino Resort said “This is a very exciting time for me, I enjoy going to work every day and looking at my daily action plan to see what is happening with my players and hosts.” Curtis has implemented a rolling 90 day acquisition program with great success. On a daily basis, the Player Development Manager allocates high potential guests to individual hosts. The host has 90 days to qualify the player. Because the manager is alerted to the status of a player who is not pacing sufficiently, they can coach the host, or reassign the player if needed to assure success in activating the player before they are lost.

Contact Amy Hudson at 304.218.1265 or ahudson@harvesttrends.com for a 30-minute demo.

There is a good reason why Casino Journal named HostMAPP for a Top 20 Most Innovative Gaming Technology Products Awards for 2011! We Know the Most about the Host!

Harvest Trends offers the consulting, 1:1 coaching, and tools that you need to grow your host program. The coaching series covers everything from “Setting Host Goals” to “Coaching for Success”.  The HostMAPP tool kit enables you to proactively Manage the Activities, Profitability and Performance of your host program. Together, the consulting, coaching and daily action plans from the HostMAPP toolkit can drive increased revenue to the bottom line.

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