Developing Player Development

Harvest Trends offers the consulting, 1:1 coaching, and tools that you need to grow your host program. The coaching series covers everything from Player Development Fundamentals, perfect for a new host or newly structured host team; to Player Development Advanced Topics, designed to grow the skillset of experienced hosts; to Player Development Leadership training, including “Setting Host Goals” to “Coaching for Success”.

The HostMAPP tool kit enables you to proactively Manage the Activities, Profitability and Performance of your host program. Together, the consulting, coaching and daily action plans from the HostMAPP toolkit can drive increased revenue to the bottom line. When we add HostBoB in January 2015, we bring Player Development full circle by combining simplicity, knowledge and accountability.


For your team, we do on-site training, and our program is modular so you can choose only the topics that are most relevant to you and your team’s success.  If you prefer, sign up for our leadership courses to be delivered via 1:1 phone/Skype based coaching that is designed around your specific needs. The 1:1 coaching programs can fit into the rush of your working week while helping you to grow your program and coach your hosts to success.

Player Development Fundamentals

  • What IS Player Development? This session starts at the beginning, defining Casino Player Development and explaining how PD generates revenue for the casino.
  • A Day in the Life of a Host walks the team through the different tasks and things that must be accomplished by each host during a shift.
  • Player Profiles: What you need to know establishes the importance of collecting and leveraging player information to more effectively drive visitation. Making contacts count by knowing what moves a patron is key to a successful PD program.
  • Understanding Player Worth helps a host choose the right players for acquisition, contact the right payers for reactivation, and touch the right maintenance players without making an offer every time.
  • Player Acquisition is key to continued revenue growth, whether on a host’s list of i the database as a whole, This session helps hosts learn where to look for and how to identify new players with potential.
  • Telemarketing with Purpose provides the basis for making effective calls to patrons without getting lost in complaints, lonely ramblings, or expensive offers. Many hosts are uncomfortable calling “strangers,” so we address those concerns in this session.
  • …and more!

Player Development Advanced Topics

  • Players of Interest or Opportunity expands on the acquisition module, ensuring that the hosts know how to leverage property criteria (e.g. low frequency, high worth) to identify the right patrons for host attention.
  • Comps and Compability goes into some depth in regards to how comp decisions should be viewed as business decisions. Hosts who know how to make sound comp decisions can do so more effectively and can drive the most revenue from the comps they issue.
  • Rewards vs. Recognition teaches hosts how to differentiate between taking care of patrons who visit more frequently and those who have fewer visits but are worth more per trip.
  • Conflict Resolution provides strategies for handling upset patrons with a minimum of fuss and gives hosts perspective when faced with situations they must control in order to maintain loyalty and profitability without compromising the value of marketing’s programs.
  • …and more!

Player Development Leadership Training

  • Beginning or Advanced Goal Setting Whether or not you have written goals for your host team before, this session helps leaders understand what the team can accomplish and how to provide them with achievable goals in alignment with their skills.
  • Building a Better Bonus Program Regardless of the bonus available, team leaders need to understand how goal achievement and incentive programs can be used together to motivate the team to drive more revenue from your players of interest.
  • Building a Comp Matrix Based o your property’s comp philosophy, team leaders will learn how to establish limits and rights for comp issuance both within and outside of Player Development. This is an essential course for anyone who has responsibility for comp authority in PD and among gaming associates.
  • …and many more!
  • We can customize a program for you!


Setting goals for casino hosts is both an art and a science. The creative side of setting goals is to think outside of the box and create a program that provides an incentive for each host to focus on the activities that will bring results to the bottom line. The scientific side of setting goals is to create a measurable program with supporting assumptions and metrics, and without any loop holes!


Coaching a Host to Success is a unique 1:1 coaching program that helps the Manager to coach a host to success. Do you have some hosts that beat their goals and others that under-perform? This program takes you through the detailed steps of addressing and improving casino host performance with practical management experience and based on detailed metrics that you just don’t have the time to prepare. In addition to improving host performance, you will learn new tips and techniques to enhance your own effectiveness as a manager.

Contact Amy Hudson at 304.218.1265 or for a confidential discussion without obligation. Or learn more about Amy’s style and experience via her blog at

Daily Action Plan

“Every new skill is wasted unless you have the tools to do the job”, says Jackie Parker, President of Harvest Trends. “We already send a Daily Action Plan to each casino host, with the daily results and their pace to goals. More importantly, the Daily Action Plan is sliced and diced so each Host knows exactly who to call and why! Now we have added the skills training”.

status of new

Travis J. Hankins, Senior Director of Marketing, Jumer’s Casino & Hotel, said “This is cool. I wish I had the player development daily stats and action plan when I was a host!”.

3 thoughts on “Developing Player Development

  1. Hello , after reading a few articles I find it well written but not a perfect action plan . Common sense is knowing who to call and why not a new concept . After 30 years in PD and top producer for the the top casinos on the strip there are many missing parts to this program . Not a real world plan . Parts of the system that are in place could work 20 percent of the time . This system could create a revolving door for employees that are perfect candidates for the position. I have seen some of the best people not get credit for performance and the manager getting the benefits of another employees efforts . Thank you .

    1. Rick,
      You are correct. The blog entries you’ve read are all just a small part of any successful PD program. I ran PD teams for more than 17 years, and when a thought occurs to me that I think someone might find helpful, I blog it.

      The Developing Player Development program is property-specific; it’s designed to be developed in conjunction with a client in order to equip the participant to handle similar situations in the future.

      I appreciate your feedback, as it lets me know I didn’t do a very good job of communicating my intent.

      Thank you, and please continue to provide me such valuable insights. I am honestly grateful.

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